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  • 28% of Britons over 50 'have no retirement savings'More than one in four UK residents aged over 50 have no pension plan in place and are set to rely on the state pension in retirement, according to research published by LV= today. 16 May 2012
  • Babies born in 2012 'won't get state pension until they're 77'Children born in 2012 are unlikely to receive their state pension until they reach 77 as a result of plans to increase the state pension age in line with longevity, PricewaterhouseCoopers said today. 15 May 2012
  • Healthcare: Dropping gender differentials on disability coverDue to gender differentials in the UK disability insurance market being too high and masking more reliable rating factors, Sarah Bennett argues that the Gender Directive may be doing actuaries and policyholders a favour. 04 May 2012
  • Long-term care costs to rise 27% by 2025The average annual cost of long-term care in the UK will increase by £7,000 to £33,000 per person in 2025, according to a report from insurer LV= 03 May 2012
  • Soapbox: Data analytics vs your GPCombining actuarial data with insurers' clinical practice knowledge could improve health outcomes, says Adrian Baskir 02 May 2012
  • Deepak Jobanputra Pru Protect editor The Actuary Editor's comment: Healthy optionsDeepak Jobanputra believes actuaries have a vital role to play in informing stakeholders on the challenges of a developing healthcare system 02 May 2012
  • Healthcare: A long-term view on social careSue Elliott considers the changing social care landscape in the UK and how proposed reforms such as those set out in the Dilnot Commission report could stimulate demand for long-term care insurance products 02 May 2012
  • Health care Healthcare: NHS in critical condition?As the National Health Service prepares to undergo a potentially life-changing restructure, Joanne Buckle and Simon Moody assess the intensive care that might be needed from actuaries and insurers 02 May 2012
  • crowd people population Consumers no clearer on long-term careHealth and care industry experts have expressed dismay that, nearly a year on from the Dilnot Commission report, consumers are no clearer on how they should best plan for their long-term care needs. 02 May 2012
  • Q&A: On my agenda: Andrew DilnotDeepak Jobanputra and Sarah Bennett talk to Andrew Dilnot, chair of the Dilnot Commission, about the UK social care system, statistics, celebrating increased longevity and why he is not particularly wedded to the Dilnot Commission proposals 02 May 2012
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Actuaries and healthcare

Actuaries have long been involved in financial planning for the NHS, and this is now a growing area for actuarial work, as the Government looks for ways to restructure the welfare state to meet the changing needs, demands and expectations of a changing population.

Evolving health provision models to meet changing needs is also a feature of the expansion of private sector work. Here actuaries work with other health professionals to find appropriate solutions for private medical insurance, income protection, critical illness, and long-term care insurance.

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