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Actuary of the future: Alex White

Alex White

Employer and area of work


How would your best friend describe you?

Quick-witted, intelligent and imaginative. But nothing so generous if I were in the same room!

What motivates you?

Pride. Everything I output is in some sense an ambassador for me. I want everything of mine to be the best.

What would be your personal motto?

Whenever you do anything you value, imagine it going wrong, and someone asking you why you didn’t prevent it.

Name five guests you would invite to a dinner party?

Jesus Christ, to know how much of what is attributed to him was his own; Leonardo Da Vinci, as someone with an incredible imagination; Alexander the Great, to see what motivates and enables someone to do what he did; Oscar Wilde and William Shakespeare, for sheer linguistic ability.

What’s your most ‘actuarial’ habit?

Use of the subjunctive mood.

Favourite Excel function?


How do you relax away from the office?

Fujian White Crane Kung Fu. I also teach a weekly beginners’ class.

Alternative career choice?


Tell us something unusual about yourself

I’m an atheist, despite inviting Jesus to dinner.

What are your top three things to achieve in your lifetime?

To marry and have children; run my own business; leave a mark on my industry.

If you ruled the world, what would you change?

I’d make the Armenian Genocide officially recognised everywhere. It’s important to separate facts from politics, and any serious attempt to prevent genocide in the future must start with a study of where it has happened before, and how it comes about. That can only happen if facts are available.

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Inspirational. However, I would have invited Leonardo Da Vinci merely to witness a heated debate on whether or not Mary Magdalene was present at the last supper.

Giustin Leonidou (25/04/2013 16:23:55)