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Actuary of the future: Joseph Mudenge


Employer and area of work Rwanda Social Security Board – planning, research and risk management.

How would your best friend describe you? Adventurous.

What motivates you? The fact that there is always room at the top.

What is your personal motto? Do it now.

Name five dream companions to be stuck on a desert island with?  Russell Peters (a Canadian comedian) – just for laughs; Thierry Henry (French footballer) – for a bit of soccer and French conversation; Nelson Mandela – for a lesson in humility; Paul Kagame (Rwandan president) – for his vision and discipline; and Will Smith – just because he is Will.

What’s your most ‘actuarial’ habit? Quantifying everything and spending far too long at the office – due to the exams.


If you could learn one random skill, what would it be? Wind surfing.

Favourite Excel function? VLookup – our paths crossed a few years ago and no Excel function has been as exciting since.

How do you relax away from the office? Slacklining, table tennis and watching soccer – Arsenal in particular.

Alternative career choice? Nursery school teacher because I love children.

Tell us something unusual about yourself When I was seven a classmate accidentally pierced my left pupil with a pencil. It healed without treatment and I can see clearly now.

Greatest risk you have ever taken? Rock climbing at the Eiger (Switzerland) – the ‘what if’ thought still bothers me.

If you could go back in history, who would you like to meet? Jesus – that would help answer a lot of questions and clear confusion for me.

What’s your most treasured possession? My Rubik’s cube – it always feels good when am asked “How did you do that?”.

What are the top three things you would like to achieve in your lifetime? Be a successful qualified actuary; have a house on a beach; and watch my baby son grow into a successful young man with good character.

If you ruled the world, what would you change first? First, I would introduce and enforce one official language; everything else would then be a little easier.

Do you know an actuary destined for greatness? You can nominate an Actuary of the Future by emailing [email protected]