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The Actuary The magazine of the Institute & Faculty of Actuaries
Wednesday 16 October 2019


  • Derek Cribb Adieu to EU?A majority of our membership will be impacted by Brexit not only those working in the UK and Europe, but also non-UK members providing services to the UK and EU.
  • Cashless call-outI was delighted to read Jason Whalley's article 'All change for small change' in October's edition of The Actuary, which complements the extensive work done by the IFoA's Cashless Society Working Party (CSWP).
  • Changing expectationsThe article on statins in the August edition of The Actuary has blown my mind!
  • finance-society-and-sustainability Book review: Finance, society and sustainabilityAuthor: Nick Silver Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan REVIEW: Ashok Gupta
  • Jules Constantinou Political animalsSince last month, I have been on the road representing the profession at the Labour and Conservative party conferences, in Liverpool and Birmingham respectively.
  • Actuary Collage Can we help consumers avoid running out of money in retirement?Pensions are all about providing an income for life, right?
  • Cyber Wars Student: untangling the netIn a hyperconnected world, we all need to be vigilant against new forms of crime, says Jason Whalley.
  • Francesco Sebastian Human naturePeople are creatures of habit. Regularity brings comfort, removing the need to think about what is happening next and the effort that comes with it.
  • Jules Constantinou Jules Constantinou: out of the shadowsWhere will our profession be in 2023?
  • Derek Cribb Forward togetherAt the end of August, I met with a number of our sibling actuarial associations in Utrecht for an extraordinary meeting of the International Actuarial Association (IAA).
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