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The Actuary The magazine of the Institute & Faculty of Actuaries
Monday 20 May 2019


  • p4-Richard_Purcell Slowing advancesThe slowing pace of mortality improvements observed recently for the UK general population has generated much discussion in the actuarial and political community, and even made the national headlines. It's a trend seen elsewhere in the world too, and so in this issue we put the spotlight on these changes.
  • Polls and predictionsThe statistics of voting are now topical, so the time is ripe to comment on the remarks journalists have been making. Shortly after the UK election exit poll, a former Lib Dem MP, Ming Campbell, commented to this effect: One thing is certain, Theresa May will not get the huge landslide result she sought.
  • Erratic expectationsI was interested to learn from Alex Waite's July article (bit.ly/AnimalSpiritsAW) there is an Economic Modelling Group aiming at improving forecasting of economic outcomes. I wish this the best of luck, but would not be surprised if the results prove inconclusive. Honorary fellows are eminent individuals in business, academia and government.
  • Marjorie Ngwenya Transformation aheadIt is a time of change. This brings about challenges, opportunities and risks, and I am honoured to be taking on the leadership of the IFoA at such a time. I believe that the skills and value actuaries can bring are more relevant and needed than ever before.
  • Derek Cribb Inconsistencies in our constituenciesRecently, and what seems to have been more frequently than in any other decade, we have taken ourselves to the ballot box at a national and local level, exercising our right to make our voices heard. Certainly in the last few years, we have seen the unexpected (or expected in some cases) occur based on the will of the people. In some of the more notable and historically altering elections, the outcome may have been decided by a disillusioned electorate tired of what they are presented with.
  • p9-12-Update--International-Convention-Centre,-Birmingham-Shutterstock--198519566 A change would do you good?John Lim looks ahead to the 2017 Life Conference to be held in Birmingham, UK in November, in a year of great transformation
  • Diversity and fellowsI saw with interest that no females were nominated for honorary fellow this year. The IFoA now has 119 honorary fellows dating back to 1977, of which 10 (8%) are female. Honorary fellows are eminent individuals in business, academia and government.
  • Derek Cribb Turning uncertainty into opportunityIn political terms, we certainly are living in interesting and unpredictable times. As a profession we have spent the past five years building our public affairs reputation through helping policymakers understand uncertainty.
  • p4-Richard_Purcell Going globalIn a world that is increasingly interconnected we have seen the profession take great strides to grow, better serving members and stakeholders, wherever they are based around the globe.
  • istock_578592768 Animal spirits' vs the efficient market hypothesisAlex Waite asks whether actuaries are evolving to remain relevant in their economic predictions
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