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The Actuary The magazine of the Institute & Faculty of Actuaries
Wednesday 29 January 2020


  • Marjorie Ngwenya Shaking things upDisruptive technology has become something of a catchphrase in contemporary conversation. Most believe that Harvard Business School professor Clayton M Christensen coined the term in 1997, and it refers to groundbreaking technology that displaces established methods, shaking up and sometimes creating completely new industries.
  • p4-Richard_Purcell Championing health and techMuch progress has been made in tackling diseases around the world in recent years. However, there is growing evidence of antimicrobial resistance, which is thwarting efforts to improve health.
  • Clipboard-in-his-hand-doctor-iStock-539834092.jpg The impacts of climate change on healthAccording to the World Health Organization (WHO), nearly a quarter of worldwide deaths and disease burden are owing to environmental factors. As the environment changes as a result of climate change, what will happen to health?
  • Questioning standardsI write to express a mixture of sorrow and anger at the dismal attempt by the IFoA's chief executive to justify the new TAS 100. He writes in his monthly column (The Actuary, September 2017, bit.ly/Actuarytransition): In raising the TAS requirements to a higher level of principle, it makes sense at the same time to broaden their scope.
  • Chika_Aghadiuno_001 Keep women in the profession to close the pay gapChika Aghadiuno explains how a new mentoring scheme is designed to encourage female actuaries to stay in the profession longer
  • Reform of the long-term care systemPart of the cost of long-term care should be recouped from deceased estates. That is the core principle, which, I suggest, should be considered as the foundation for a reform of the long-term care system.
  • Social media comments - NovemberSocial media comments - November
  • p4-Richard_Purcell Grasping the green opportunitiesAlthough I have long appreciated the impact of climate change on many areas of our work for example, the emergence of new risks and stranded assets it wasn't until I met professor Aled Jones to conduct this month's interview for The Actuary (p14) that I realised the real pervasiveness of climate change underlying our work.
  • Clarity on nutritionI read with interest the interview with Dr John Schoonbee (Changing world health, August 2017), particularly the section regarding dietary guidelines and the concept that dietary fat is not the reason for increasing rates of obesity and diabetes.
  • Marjorie Ngwenya A valuable commodityIt's that time of year again summer is drawing to an end, the days are shortening and the subscription-renewal reminders are arriving in our inboxes (you should have received yours on 1 September).
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