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Data science: expert advice


Dan Georgescu
Dan Georgescu

This edition of the magazine focuses on data science and its applications, which will be a recurring theme for the IFoA.

As an undergraduate in the late 1990s, I was advised against doing a degree in artificial intelligence because it was ‘just a fad’, which goes to show that even university professors get it wrong sometimes. Their cautious approach has stayed with me and probably contributed to my eventual career choice. As actuaries, we naturally question and aim to provide balanced advice, and I am pleased that philosopher Dr Joel Walmsley has contributed to our coverage of the topic with an article on the ethical use of artificial intelligence.

Broadly speaking, I am very supportive of a more general drive from the profession to support members in keeping their technical skills up to date in all areas. Past initiatives have aimed to improve our ability to communicate effectively, which is undoubtedly very important, but we must have something to say that is worth listening to first. In a world that may claim to have had enough of experts, and where we risk being drowned out by noise, it is even more important for the profession to keep its standards high and support its members in providing impartial, rigorous analysis.

The more eagle-eyed of you may have noticed a new regular section of the magazine, focusing on in-depth topics. If you are a member of a working party or carrying out research and feel you have a more technical article in you, then this is your section of the magazine. It may not get the most Insta hits, but it should demonstrate the quality of our contribution.

As always, this is your magazine, so please do write in with your views.

Dan Georgescu


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