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Reaching milestones


Derek Cribb
Derek Cribb

We measure progress by looking back at milestones achieved, and ahead to our changing world and how we will navigate it. The past year has seen a number of milestones for the IFoA that are worth noting. For the first time, we had more than a thousand members reach Fellow status in the year, with record numbers in both the UK and our wider global community. A further 90 members reached qualified status by transferring to Associate. Of these, more than one-third were from outside the UK, reflecting the geographic reach that brings strength and diversity to the IFoA. 

Jules Constantinou’s presidential ‘Stepping out of the shadows’ campaign helped achieve a new level of stakeholder influence for the IFoA, including meetings with ministers and Select Committee appearances. This is important at a time when our future as a self-regulating profession is under review. Our #iamanactuary messages reached record numbers of social media users, as members highlighted their skills and pride in the profession. 

Change will continue as we seek to better understand and meet members’ needs. In June, the IFoA Council will meet members and employers in Africa: a fast-growing group of economies that are developing actuarial capacity. Your feedback through the member survey is helping us build and deliver the services you need for the future. In another first, on 26 June we will be holding our AGM outside London; I look forward to seeing many of you in Edinburgh. 

Derek Cribb is the chief executive of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries

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