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Out of the shadows


Jules Constantinou
Jules Constantinou

Where will our profession be in 2023?

Will actuaries be indispensable to some of the biggest businesses, organisations and governments all around the world? Or will we remain in the shadows, eclipsed by the rise of a new, more competitive, more adaptable skillset that utilises new technology and is a closer fit to the global needs of industry? What are the actions we need to take now to secure a sustainable, successful future for actuarial science and safeguard the profession in a radically changing world? These are the questions with which we must contend if we’re to continue to be of service to our societies, employers and the public at large.

Your Council and I have sought to proactively address these questions via our ‘Fit for the Future’ agenda. This is a programme of communications designed to share our thinking about the challenges facing the profession, as well as the steps we’re taking to equip members with the skills and resources they need to benefit from the opportunities these rapid changes will bring.

In the past few issues of The Actuary we’ve explored how our qualification structure could change and how we’re responding to evolving needs of employers, expanding our global reach and positioning our qualifications through initiatives such as the Chartered Actuary. This month we’re bringing together a range of views for our feature on the future of the profession, from senior Council members to those just starting out on their journey.

Their perspectives underscore why we need to collectively step out of the shadows as a profession – safeguarding the future of actuaries for years to come, ensuring our societies can look to the long term and helping our fellow citizens find security among great change.

For this reason, I’m proud to say #Iamanactuary

Jules Constantinou
 is the president of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries

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