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Value of the volunteer 


Jules Constantinou
Jules Constantinou

I am a firm believer in the value of volunteering, both for the individual concerned and for the IFoA. I have always volunteered in areas I am passionate about, even if they are not directly related to my day-to-day work. My volunteering has not been about what I had to gain, but what I could do to advance the profession. I believe in the robustness of the actuarial skillset  and its application more broadly in business and the community.

This month is the 150th anniversary of the Faculty receiving its Royal Charter – the first Royal Charter to be granted to an actuarial body. The world has changed a lot in those 150 years, as has the actuarial profession. One thing that hasn’t changed though, is the dedication and commitment of our members – nearly 4,000 of whom currently volunteer. The IFoA is where it is today because of the time given by members, both past and present. 

My approach has always been, and will always be, to encourage more people to volunteer and get involved. We need people from a diversity of backgrounds to share their ideas, and we must give these volunteers licence to take responsibility and make a difference to our profession.

If volunteering seems like something you would be interested in, please do get in touch – we need you. View the website for more information (or contact [email protected]) and find out how we celebrate our volunteer community, including details of our Volunteer Recognition Receptions and a celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Faculty receiving its Charter at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.

Finally, a message to those of you already volunteering – thank you! Our profession is what it is because of you. #iamanactuary

Jules Constantinou is the president of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries

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