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The Actuary The magazine of the Institute & Faculty of Actuaries

Looking forward to a global future


The actuarial profession is one with multiple angles; it leverages a powerful quantitative skillset and techniques that apply to a variety of problems involving risk situations. Then it aims to make sense of those problems, interpreting the results of the analysis and facilitating informed decision-making. 

The variety of angles is changing fast, which makes actuarial problems particularly exciting. Beyond the quantitative and qualitative aspects, an emerging angle arises from globalisation; as the world comes closer together, many actuarial problems cross borders. 

Therefore, solutions tested in one part of the world can be relevant to others. In the July issue of The Actuary we will be paying special attention to the international and career development sides of the actuarial profession. 

From the international standpoint, the July issue will discuss some of the challenges that actuaries face in Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa. The varying stages of development of the industries in which actuaries normally work, as well as the degree of penetration of the actuarial profession itself in different countries, creates new opportunities for actuaries globally.

And last, but not least, as the decision-making part of the profession becomes more prominent, many actuaries are increasingly interested in building up their expertise beyond the purely technical aspects. This involves focusing on soft skills, people management, communication styles and strategy.

In July, we will kick off a series of discussions with actuaries who have achieved the most senior levels in their respective organisations. They have kindly agreed to share their thoughts and experiences about which qualities make actuaries successful. This may be a valuable learning experience for professionals at different levels who are looking to make a difference in their careers. 

Altogether, the July issue will provide a different view of the actuarial profession, aiming to be eye-opening on international topics and inspirational on the career development front.