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Giving good council


The IFoA’s annual general meeting, to be held at Staple Inn on 28 June, will not only see the inauguration of Jules Constantinou as our new president but also the IFoA Council election results. 

Derek Cribb
The IFoA has seen the benefit of an increasingly diverse membership on Council, but there is no time for resting on laurels

The Council is the sovereign body of the IFoA, responsible for ensuring we meet our Charter objectives as a public interest professional body. As such, Council is at the forefront of the exciting changes we have seen since the IFoA’s formation in 2010, not only by setting and guiding the delivery of the IFoA strategy but also via taskforce groups directly working on shaping the outcomes. A lot of initiatives are starting to come to fruition following the 2016 strategy, and the level of effort is not tailing off any time soon. 

The new education framework and curriculum 2019 are being introduced to make sure the foundations of the qualification stay relevant to employers. The launch of the new Markets Development Board is aimed at securing the future of the profession’s growth and development through a professionalised approach to existing and potential markets. And with so much more to come, we continue to rely on the expertise of Council members to help guide the IFoA through the ever-changing environment that actuaries are working in, bringing insights from their own experiences as members to help navigate the complex challenges ahead of us. 

If you think you may have the skills that could contribute to all this, I encourage you to stand for election. Please think about how your background and experience might create a unique insight that would benefit the future of your profession and the IFoA, and use this to promote your candidacy widely among your network. 

Chaired by the IFoA president, Council members dedicate 10-15 days a year to their Council responsibilities. This includes a week in one of our strategic priority regions, meeting members and stakeholders, alongside the Council meeting itself. Previous visits have taken Council to Beijing, Singapore, Hong Kong, Mumbai and Delhi. The IFoA Council is keen to connect with its members wherever they are based, and the next meeting is being held alongside the Protection, Health and Care Conference. I will be in attendance, and look forward to seeing some of you there in Brighton on 22-23 May. 

In recent years, the IFoA has seen the benefit of an increasingly diverse membership on Council, but there is no time for resting on laurels. There is still a disconnect between the profile of IFoA membership and that of Council, and the only people who can ensure balanced representation are you, the members, either by standing as candidates or by using your vote. In previous years there has been a reduction in voting turnout, and some feedback has suggested that the increased number of candidates has meant that casting your vote effectively has become a more challenging task. But please, I encourage you to use your vote, think about the perspectives that Council might benefit from and seek out the candidates that can deliver the experience that you believe Council needs. 

For details on the Health Care & Protection Conference: bit.ly/2EpGy8g

How to stand for Council: www.ersvotes.com/ifoanominations18

Derek Cribb is the chief executive of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries