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The Actuary's new editor: A bright forecast


Francesco Sebastian

As 2018 begins, many of us wonder: ‘What will this year bring’? From experience, I know that my forecasts err on the wrong side. However, this does not deter me from dusting off the crystal ball once again. 

What I know for a fact is that The Actuary must keep up with the sterling standards that Richard Purcell and other previous editors have imprinted, and be on a par with the bright minds of our readers and with the calibre of the IFoA’s work. 

In practice, what should the readers expect from The Actuary in 2018? We will continue to focus on trends that matter to actuaries, from the well-established life and pensions areas to the high-growth ones, such as investments, general insurance, enterprise risk management and environmental risks, among others. You will find some good examples in the current issue, such as the articles on longevity basis risk, risk margins under Solvency II and IFRS 17 and an interview with Sarah Winckless on a mentoring initiative to encourage women to stay in the actuarial profession.

We will also work on two other goals; to strengthen our engagement with readers globally, and to catch technology tailwinds. The Actuary’s global offering increasingly requires educational and inspiring content, not just for those of us based in the UK or the rest of Europe, but also for those developing their careers in Hong Kong, India, South Africa and elsewhere in the world. I strongly encourage you to enrich The Actuary, by submitting articles, letters and providing feedback. 

Technology also provides an excellent opportunity to engage with members globally. We will continue to develop our messages through the website, newsletter and social media, with an overarching goal of delivering cutting-edge information and opinions in a format that suits readers’ preferences. 

I wish you all an excellent 2018. Enjoy the read!

Francisco Sebastian


[email protected]