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Wednesday 26 February 2020

Milestone for the Actuarial Association of Sri Lanka

Actuarial Association of Sri Lanka initiated and hosted the 1st South Asian Actuarial Conference on 12th- 13th July 2017 in Colombo, Sri Lanka.


The theme of the conference was “Creating Value for Business” – Risk,

Regulation, Innovation, Education. This conference attracted audience

from around the south Asian region, other countries in Asia and other

parts of the world. There were about 250 attended the conference

including both Actuaries and other professionals who are closely working

with actuaries in the insurance industry. The eminent and experience

speaker panel shared their knowledge covering the theme of the

conference in the areas of Risk, Regulation, Innovation, Education and

the engagement of the audience was at a very high level. This two days

conference was very well received by all the attendees and invitees

creating a milestone of the history of Actuarial Association of Sri Lanka.

Institute and Faculty of Actuaries partnered with the Actuarial

Association of Sri Lanka, being a gold sponsor for this inaugural South

Asian Actuarial Conference.

IAA president, Mr. Tom Terry attended the conference as the chief guest

and the keynote speaker was the Assistant Governor of Central Bank of

Sri Lanka. Mrs. Indrani Sugathadasa, chairperson of the Insurance board

of Sri Lanka attended as the Guest of Honor of the event. This is the first

ever international conference organized by the Actuarial Association of

Sri Lanka. The main objective is to create awareness about the Actuarial

Profession around the South Asian Region allowing all actuaries in this

region to get together and share their knowledge and experience while

learning from each other. Sarah Sim represented the Institute and

Faculty of Actuaries, UK in this conference.

AASL took the first step of creating awareness of the Actuarial profession

among the University students alongside with this conference. University

undergraduates in their final year were invited to participate at a separate

session and were educated them on about the Actuarial Profession and

how to become an Actuary. This session was made available free of

charge for these students and Thanuja Krishnaratna, the president of

Actuarial Association of Sri Lanka took the audience through the IFOA

exam system and the CAA qualification on behalf of the Institute and

Faculty of Actuaries.

Actuarial Association of Sri Lanka was formed in the year 2008 and is an

associate member of the International Actuarial Association form the

beginning. AASL has already submitted their application to receive the

full member status of IAA.