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Webinar on CPD scheme proposal

With the consultation on proposals for a new CPD scheme for IFoA members closing on 17 April (see here), members who have questions about the proposals are encouraged to sign up to participate in our final webinar.

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The webinar will take place on 2 April at 16:00 GMT and will feature a panel of IFoA members and executive staff who will present the proposals and field your questions. You can book through the consultation webpage.

Ben Kemp, IFoA general counsel, said: “After a lot of work looking at different approaches to CPD requirements across different professions, and obtaining members’ feedback, I think we’ve developed a strong proposal for a revised scheme and I look forward to hearing what members make of it.

“We want to refocus IFoA CPD on the benefits it can bring for our members’ careers and we encourage members to take advantage of all kinds of learning opportunities – whoever the provider, whatever the form – to develop their professional capabilities.

“The proposed new approach is intended to help support IFoA members to remain relevant in the ever-evolving, varied and dynamic sectors in which they work, and to underpin our shared commitment to the quality and professionalism for which they are rightly renowned.”

Under the proposed scheme, all members have the same CPD requirements, except students and ‘non-practising’ members. There will be greater flexibility when it comes to what can be counted towards CPD hours. Recording and evidencing will no longer be required; instead the IFoA will focus on supporting members in their professional development in a reflective practice discussion.

Review the proposals and share your thoughts online before 17 April at bit.ly/31DvMIH