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IFoA adjudication panel: Mr Jack Wicks, student

On 30 October 2019 the Adjudication Panel considered an allegation of misconduct against Mr Jack Wicks (the respondent). 


It was alleged that the respondent drove a motor vehicle after consuming so much alcohol that the proportion of it in his breath exceeded the prescribed limit, contrary to section 5(1)(a) of the Road Traffic Act 1988 and Schedule 2 to the Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988. It was also alleged that his actions were in breach of the principle of compliance in the Actuaries’ Code and constituted misconduct in terms of Rule 4.2 of the Disciplinary and Capacity for Membership Schemes of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (Effective 1 February 2018) (the Scheme).

The panel found evidence to support the allegations, noting in particular Rule 4.10a of the scheme that the fact that a member has by a court of competent jurisdiction in the UK  been convicted of a criminal offence shall for the purposes of the Disciplinary Scheme be treated as conclusive evidence of the findings upon which the conviction is based. In the circumstances, the panel determined that the facts disclosed a prima facie case of misconduct.

In considering sanction, the panel took into account all relevant information and was satisfied that the appropriate and proportionate sanction in this case was a reprimand and £1,000 fine.

A copy of the panel’s full determination, including reasons for its decision, can be found on the IFoA’s website at bit.ly/2GZm7nR