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Presidential visits to the Middle East, Africa and China 

In December 2019, the IFoA presidential team will be out visiting the regions within their presidential remit. 


President John Taylor will be visiting Dubai, UAE and Nairobi, Kenya, while president-elect Tan Suee Chieh will be visiting Shanghai and Beijing, China. They will be meeting with members, employers and other stakeholders during their visit.

John Taylor’s trip will be the presidential team’s first visit to the Middle East since 2016. In Kenya, his visit will be to our largest member population and the largest concentration of IFoA Fellows in Africa, outside of South Africa. 

Tan Suee Chieh’s visit will be his first visit to China as the IFoA’s president-elect. He will meet with IFoA members, employers, local professional associations, universities and other stakeholders across the country.

Look out for further news on their visits in the next editions of The Actuary, newsletters and the IFoA website.