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August quote unquote 

Highlights from this month's twitter activity. 

The Actuary Magazine
The Actuary Magazine


Nice overview of digital life #insurance in @TheActuaryMag. Key takeaways - cust uses digital for research, agent/advisor for purchase. Suggestion that O2O engagement should be made seamless - digital enables offline.

Cust data sharing can be made seamless thru wearables!


“Work patterns are changing – gone are the days of working hard five days a week for four and a half decades before suddenly stopping and retiring ‘cold turkey’.” Great article and a good reflection on why we need to change.

(www.theactuary.com/news/2019/05/number-of-over-70s-in-work-doubles-in-10-years)  #retirement 


Why join @ActuaryCompany ? Master explains all @TheActuaryMag


The actuarial profession is too focused on specialisation, argues Waqas Ahmed – the secret to success lies in polymathy. Read here bit.ly/2VIRvua


Thanks for the opportunity @TheActuaryMag!


A maths meme that is actually funny rather than stupid: Solve carefully!

230 - 220 x 0.5 =

You probably won’t believe it but the answer is 5! #maths


Excellent! And correct. In fact correct! @TheActuaryMag


To fellow actuaries on Twitter: can you think of any examples of where Human Rights considerations have needed to come into actuarial advice or work? 

@actuarynews @TheActuaryMag #ESG


It’s certainly a consideration in insurance regulation – including rules on covered conditions, unfair underwriting practices, and market conduct. And all of these affect the risk and pricing work done by actuaries. 

@actuarynews @TheActuaryMag