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Quality Assurance Scheme

Congratulations to our most recently accredited organisations, Little & Company, Lux Actuaries & Consultants and AIA Thailand. 


“The consultant was engaging, the feedback was constructive and we believe that other smaller firms would find real value in going through the accreditation process.” – Andrew Little, Little & Company.

“We are elated and privileged on being accredited to the QAS group. Knowing that we adopt good practices in our actuarial work and care for our clients’ needs is one thing; getting cognisance of effectively doing so by the specialised and professional assessment team of QAS is an incredible feeling on another level. It will go a long way to reinvigorate the zeal of the Lux team and will enhance trust and confidence of our clients.” – Mamata Pandey, Lux Actuaries & Consultants. 

If your organisation would like more information about applying for the QAS, please get in touch with the QAS team at [email protected]