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December cake and prosecco tasting 

As part of the SIAS Taste series this year, SIAS hosted bottomless cake and prosecco at Konditor and Cook in the Gherkin on Thursday 6 December 2018.

Prosecco and Cake
Prosecco and Cake

We welcomed 40 cakeaholics (and some prosecco-holics) to try nine different cakes – with the promise that their prosecco glass would never be empty. Some favourites were: Curly Whirly – (a Belgian chocolate sponge with vanilla bean cream cheese frosting) and Baileys Chocolate (a dark chocolate sponge covered in a Baileys-spiked buttercream).

We failed to eat all the cake; only managing to polish off six – the last three were half-eaten. As well as enjoying these delicious treats, SIAS encouraged guests to network and meet new people.

At the end of the night a 10% discount was offered on anything for sale in the shop, although with most people being ‘caked out’ at this point, few took the opportunity!

It was a fun occasion to close off a year of many successful SIAS events. Look out for more to follow throughout 2019.