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CPD requirements for senior roles


Are you an IFoA member working in a senior management, non-executive director or trustee role? 

If so, you may not necessarily be relying upon your actuarial qualifications in order to carry out your role. Consquently, you might be wondering why you still have to complete Continuing Professional Development (CPD). 

IFoA members who hold senior roles and who work for more than 20 hours each year are still required to complete CPD. Your colleagues and members of the public will still see you as a member of the actuarial profession, and they will expect that you continue to meet the high standards associated with being a member of a widely recognised global professional body.

In order to safeguard the public interest, we consider that it is appropriate for senior members of the IFoA to continue to carry out CPD. 

You can find suggested learning and CPD resources for members in senior roles on the IFoA website. 

If you are a member in a senior role and have a question about completing IFoA CPD requirements, please contact our membership team at membership@actuaries.co.uk