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Volunteering at IFoA

12 JULY 2018 | ALAN RAE
Alan Rae
Alan Rae

Where are you based?
Amsterdam and Dunblane.

What volunteer role(s) do you do for the IFoA?

I am a member of the IFoA Council, the Audit and Risk Committee, the Scottish Board, the CMI Executive Committee, and the NED Working Party.

How long have you been volunteering?

I joined the Life Convention Organising Committee in 2000. I became chair of the Life Convention in 2003, later joining the Life Board as chair of Life CPD, and was on the Faculty Council from 2005 to 2008. 

What’s involved in your roles(s)?

Most of the roles are oversight and governance, providing strategic guidance.

What motivates you to volunteer for the IFoA?

I enjoy it! It is also symbiotic – I can hone my governance skills while adding value to the profession.

What have you/do you hope to achieve in your volunteer role? 

I would like to help the IFoA move into the next stage of its international development, and ensure the governance and strategic financial model keep pace with international membership.

What new skills or knowledge do you think you have developed? 

I hope I have learned to listen more! In the Council we have to give everyone space to contribute. There have also been some interesting lessons in relation to governance and decision making.

Has this assisted your lifelong learning?

I am always learning. The IFoA Conferences are useful, as they combine  learning with networking.

Do you think volunteering has helped you in your day job?

Yes – it has given me chances to speak at conferences, and broadened my network.

Have there been any memorable moments?

When I chaired the 2003 Life Convention I wanted to get the audience to attend my opening remarks, so I asked the sound guy to play The Darkness’ I Believe In A Thing Called Love. Job done!

How do you balance your day job and your volunteer role?

I was not doing five days per week at my Dutch employer, so I had the time to volunteer.

How do you relax away from the office?

Electric guitar, craft beers, running and cycling.

What would you say to others considering a volunteer role?

Give it a go.

Who is your role model – in life or in business?

David Bowie – apart from making great music, he kept reinventing himself.

What was your earliest dream job? 

I remember wanting to be a bin man as a kid, but at high school it was to be a rock star!

What word best describes you? 


Do you prefer a staycation or a holiday abroad? 

I live abroad, so it’s the same thing!

If you were locked in a famous building for one night... which would it be and why? 

Any major rock venue, with my guitar!

What would you consider to be the most brilliant moment of your career to date? 

I was lead partner providing actuarial advice to private equity firms on their first insurance acquisition – a large part of what is now Phoenix Group.

Alan Rae Insurance strategy, capital and M&A consultant. Recently became senior partner at Longitude Solutions