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IACA Call for Committee Member Nominations and Other Volunteers


IACA Committee

The International Association of Consulting Actuaries (IACA) seeks nominations for members to serve on its Committee.  

To become a member of IACA please use the following link:


Eligibility: Members from the member associations of the IAA who are Ordinary Members of IACA.  The class of Ordinary Members is open to individual actuaries who are or have been consulting actuaries.
Submission: Please submit an e-mail with your name, firm name, practice area, background, and area of interest to Carol Ann Banks, Director of Operations and Finance at carolann.banks@actuaries.org or either of the IAA Section Delegates Nicholas Dumbreck @ nick.dumbreck@milliman.com or Kenneth Hohman at Ken.Hohman@bpsm.com.

Submission Deadline: Close of business 16 March 2018

The Election:  At the IACA Biennial General Meeting to be held during the International Congress of Actuaries in Berlin, Germany in June 2018.

IACA’s Objectives:

i) To facilitate thought leadership through an international exchange of innovative views, advice, research, practical information and business development among consulting actuaries on matters affecting their professional responsibilities and business interests.

ii) To encourage and assist in the development of consulting actuarial groups in locations where there is an identifiable need for a group voice to address matters affecting the communities actuarial consultants serve.

We are looking for committed members to:

- Lead various volunteers to raise the profile of IACA as a global forum on matters affecting professional responsibilities and best practice. Promote actuaries as a source of knowledge for strategy and policy making.

- Organise relevant professional development and networking activities for members throughout the year, including global, web-based opportunities.

- Transform IACA into a forum for consultants to expand their businesses by creating access to international markets and non-traditional areas for new and exciting consulting opportunities.

Responsibilities of IACA Committee members:

The duties and responsibilities of Committee members are:

a) To maintain his/her membership in the IACA Section

b) To carry forward the objectives of the IACA Section through discourse and collaboration and with the Committee’s assent

c) To promote the objectives of the IACA Section with full enthusiasm, energy and integrity

d) To participate actively and constructively in the discussions of the Committee, whether in person, by telephone, or by other form of communication

e) To take on their share of assignments in IACA subcommittees

f) To report to the Committee Chair any potential conflicts of interest between their financial or other interests and the objectives of the IACA Section.

In addition, a Committee member shall not profit from the activities of the IACA Section Committee. In providing his/her services to the IACA Section, a Committee member shall act in a manner that does not violate the precepts of his/her association’s Code of Professional Conduct.

Time Commitment:

IACA Committee members typically are elected during an IACA Biennial General Meeting for a four-year term.  A two-year term may be available if someone else’s term is being filled.  The maximum number of consecutive four-year terms for each Committee member is two.

IACA Committee members are expected to participate in at least 50% of the IACA Section Committee meetings over any consecutive 12-month period.  There are two in-person meetings per year held in conjunction with the IAA meetings and at least one conference call, all about two hours each. Each Committee member is asked to lead a small team that organizes an activity that provides relevant material for IACA members. In addition, work between calls and meetings could average one to two hours per week. Officers and Subcommittee Chairs will have more additional time commitments.

Other Information:

IACA seeks nominations for Committee members that provide for a balanced geographical, linguistic and cultural distribution of Committee members. In addition, the IACA Committee promotes diversification among the various actuarial disciplines of practicing consultants, and by age, experience and the size of the business organization to which the member belongs. In particular members retired from active consulting are eligible to serve as Committee members and Officers. Except in extraordinary circumstances, no more than three Committee members may be elected from any one country.

Other Volunteers

IACA also is looking for other volunteers.  Ordinary, Observer, and Donor IACA members are eligible to volunteer.  We currently are looking for volunteers to help with our Newsletter, Webinars, Marketing, Meeting Planning for the IACA 2020 Meeting, and Content Development for Meetings and Webinars.  Other volunteer opportunities may arise.