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Your chance to join new diabetes working party 


The IFoA Health and Care Research Sub-Committee is seeking volunteers for a new working party, which will research the risk factors, incidence and mortality of diabetes along with future plausible trend scenarios that are of relevance to working actuaries. 

The background to this working party is the increasing prevalence of diabetes, which will have consequences for both mortality and morbidity rates. 

In the UK, the prevalence is currently 4 million, including an estimated 0.5 million people who are undiagnosed. This is expected to increase to 5 million in total by 2025. Naturally, the increasing prevalence presents the insurance industry with challenges and opportunities: 

  • What are the underwriting implications as treatments improve? 
  • Can the industry cover more people with diabetes and can products be developed that will influence behaviour to improve mortality? 
  • How effective is diet at controlling this disease? 


We are seeking applicants for chair, deputy chair, member and expert consultant roles, and would welcome non-actuaries with relevant expertise. 

To apply, visit the volunteer vacancies web page on the IFoA website at bit.ly/2kuTgKC