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In search of new frontiers? Join AWB


One of the International Actuarial Association’s more unique sections, Actuaries Without Borders (AWB), is looking for volunteers to join and serve on its board. 

AWB helps provide temporary actuarial services in parts of the world where those services are lacking, and is open to actuaries from all practice areas. 

AWB’s mission includes assistance with the development and sound management of social security, enterprise risk management, pensions, insurance, investments, healthcare, and other areas where actuarial services can be of use. 

Its volunteers also provide education and training, with recent examples including a project in Armenia, where AWB helped to train and instruct people sitting the Society of Actuaries (SOA) exams (for details, visit bit.ly/2EXn8ZI), and workshops in Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Bosnia-Herzogovina, Colombia and Kenya. 

The group’s current and future projects include a global mentorship programme (bit.ly/2pLfblm), a two-day ‘Introduction to enterprise risk management’ workshop in Bulgaria, and a two-day workshop in Macedonia offering an introduction to insurance core principles (ICPs), Solvency II and the four internal control functions. 

However, all this good work needs motivated actuaries from all areas of the profession to provide their time and expertise. Volunteers are the lifeblood of the international actuarial community, and volunteering can also be very useful to members themselves. AWB provides an opportunity to work incredibly broadly and to develop connections outside one’s sphere. It is personally rewarding to make a difference in people’s lives and support their professional development. 

The only requirement for volunteering is being a member of the AWB section, which costs C$50 per year. People who are keen to teach, mentor and tutor young actuarial professionals in countries developing their actuarial community are especially welcome. For more information, visit bit.ly/2qKhpDm