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Chocoholics unite!


On 27 September, about 20 members of the Worshipful Company of Actuaries and friends met in the Master’s Pimlico kitchen for a second chocolate tasting arranged in conjunction with master chocolatier William Curley. The chocolate was accompanied by a fine selection of red wines from the Master’s cellar. 

Immediate past master Sally Bridgeland had also held a chocolate and wine evening in her kitchen (in her case in Dulwich), so maybe this event will become a fixture for future masters!

The attendees had a very enjoyable and convivial evening. Following an explanation of how the chocolate we eat is made and where its ingredients come from, we had an opportunity to try a wide range of types and tastes of chocolate. 

We also learnt why we should always buy gourmet chocolate rather than the mass-produced variety. After an evening spent eating what seemed like a series of desserts (not that anyone was complaining), we drifted off into the night in a satisfying haze of chocolate and red wine.