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Capacity for membership scheme approved


In December 2017, the membership of the IFoA approved the new capacity for membership scheme, which will come into force on 1 February 2018. 

The aim is to provide an alternative route for the IFoA to deal more appropriately with members facing disciplinary proceedings, where the alleged misconduct may be the consequence of serious ill health. 

Ill health includes all physical and mental conditions that may materially impact a member’s current capacity to hold membership. The key requirement for referral under the scheme is that the health condition be significant and directly relevant to the alleged misconduct and be continuing. 

A key function of the capacity for membership panel is to balance the public interest risk posed by any established finding of fact together with a restorative and supportive approach to members, to allow, if possible, continued membership of the IFoA. 

By following this approach, the new scheme will support members whose capacity for membership is adversely affected, while still fulfilling our duty to uphold the public interest and the reputation of the profession.

In situations where an individual member is unwell and struggling to meet the requirements of membership of the IFoA, but where there is no allegation of misconduct, we would encourage you to engage with the membership team for support and advice. 

If you have any further questions regarding the capacity for membership scheme, please email Fiona Burrough, secretary to the disciplinary board, at [email protected] or browse the disciplinary scheme web page at bit.ly/2mm0T8db