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IFoA president gives lecture on African advancement


Marjorie Ngwenya, president of the IFoA , delivered the inaugural Annual Actuarial Guest Lecture at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL)on 9 October on the theme of ‘Africa, Actuaries and Innovation’ to an enthusiastic and engaged audience of guests, including actuaries and alumni, academics and students.

She was introduced by professor Colin Bailey, principal and president of QMUL, and professor Boris Khoruzhenko, head of the School of Mathematical Sciences at QMUL.

The audience were treated to an insightful, inspiring and humorous talk on Marjorie’s transition from humble family origins in Africa through her journey to qualification and early career in the UK and ultimate return to Africa (now based in Johannesburg). This was followed by a lively question and answer session, when Marjorie responded to topics ranging from career advice to infrastructure in Zimbabwe.

QMUL has been involved in actuarial education for many years, but the launch of actuarial programmes is a new initiative. They are fully accredited by the IFoA and offer exemptions from CT1 to CT8. The first cohort of students will graduate in 2018.

Questions on the undergraduate programme or offers to speak at QMUL are welcome and can be directed to: Jim Webber ([email protected]) or David Boland ([email protected]).