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Actuarial altruism


On 18 October 2016, 11 members of staff at APR raised thousands of pounds for the charities of their choice without baking any cakes or running any marathons. Inspired by the principles of effective altruism, they put their company’s “1% of time” policy to good use: by going to work and earning their day rate, with APR donating 1% of earned fees to the charities nominated by staff.

Six different charities were supported through the initiative. Particularly popular choices were WaterAid (which provides clean water and sanitation to those in need) and the Against Malaria Foundation (which distributes mosquito nets to vulnerable people).

If the principle of effective altruism inspires you, consider how your employer might support you. Many employers provide matched donations, and some allow you to spend “1% of your time” on a cause that you believe in.