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Peaking early

Top of Snowdon

In July, we published an article about a group of mainly Bristol-based actuaries from Willis Towers Watson, who were preparing for the Three Peaks Challenge. We are pleased to report that, over the weekend of 16-17 July, all 15 of them successfully completed the challenge of completing all three mountains. Well done! 

Below is an update from two members of the team, James Mignanelli and Neil Tooth: 

The challenge began just before 9am on a brisk and overcast Saturday morning at the foot of Ben Nevis. Standing at over 1,300m high, with clouds engulfing the top third of the mountain, this was definitely a formidable challenge! Everyone quickly got into their stride, with morale and expectations both high. The weather stayed fair for most of the ascent, but by the time the team reached the summit, the winds had picked up, the rain started to fall and temperatures (including the wind-chill) had fallen below zero degrees, so a hasty descent was arranged. 

The team then set off to Cumbria to climb Scafell Pike. It was just after midnight when the summit of Scafell Pike emerged from the darkness, and, with the rocky nature of this mountain making it a particularly challenging climb, knees and ankles were really starting to feel the pain at this point of the expedition. 

Snowdon was a welcome sight early the next morning, with the clouds occasionally breaking to reveal blue skies and a rare glimpse of sunshine, which was warmly welcomed by everyone. Tiredness was really creeping in now, but the team continued at a good pace and reached the summit to complete the Three Peaks Challenge.

The aim of this challenge was to raise money and awareness for two charities; Barnardo’s and Ehlers Danlos Support UK. With huge thanks to all who sponsored them, the team can report that they have raised something in the region of £6,000 to be split between these charities, which will significantly contribute to the work done by them both. It was a tough and gruelling challenge, but despite this, the team all agree that it was a great adventure and completely worthwhile to raise such a significant amount of money for charity. Would they do it again? Well, not everyone…