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Dining in wider fields


The Argonauts Dining Club is for actuaries working outside traditional fields and was established in 1955. Its longevity is a testimony to the success of actuaries moving in ‘wider fields’ as well as the quality of the dining and the speakers. 

The Argonauts has a rich heritage going back to the time of Frank Redington and George Ross-Goobey, and the vibrant and varied membership of today is made up of investment management professionals, independent trustees, general insurance actuaries, academics and others working outside more traditional actuarial roles.

The club meets three times a year, and dinners are mostly held in Livery halls. Members are therefore assured an interesting venue and a high-quality dinner to go along with the convivial company and interesting speakers. As well as Don Ezra and other eminent actuaries, this year’s speakers are expected to include:

● Rebecca Stephens, MBE, the first British woman to climb Everest

● Lt Gen Sir Andrew Gregory, recently retired as chief of the defence staff (people) and now controller of SSAFA, the armed forces charity

● Lord Browne, former CEO of BP, executive chairman of L1 Energy, chair of the Tate.

New members are always welcome, and potential members can join a dinner to find out more about the club – the next one is on 7 November. If you work outside life or pensions actuarial work and are interested in the Argonauts, please contact me on GuyFreeman2@btinternet.com or request to join the Argonauts group on LinkedIn.