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Insurers in ‘constant alert’ for next UK storm

UK insurers are being vigilant for the next natural disaster after a warning from the Met Office of “potentially disruptive weather”, according to the Association of British Insurers (ABI).


Snow in New York © Shutterstock
The warning of rain and winds from the Met Office comes after a series of snowstorms in the US. © Shutterstock

The warning comes following “record-breaking amounts of snow” last weekend in the US east coast, said the Met Office.

The ABI said: “We are in a constant state of alert to prepare for any storm, regardless whether they are from the US.” 

Given the effects of recent floods from Storms Desmond, Eva and Frank, the trade organisation added no further preparations could be taken and firms should be aware of the likelihood of any storm not just in the winter, but throughout the year. 

The Met Office said through today and tomorrow a “prolonged period of heavy rain with strong winds” was expected to affect the country, following a series of snowstorms in the US between 22 and 24 January.

It explained the snow would weaken in the Atlantic Ocean but expected it to bring rain and wind to the UK.

AIR Worldwide said that in the US more than a foot of snow fell in 20 states, with West Virginia receiving the most, at 42 inches in Glengary. The total snow depth of 26.8 inches in New York’s Central Park was the second highest on record.

The firm added the storm affected the nation’s capital and New York City, forcing flight cancellations at major airports and causing power outages, roof collapses and severe flood warning in several states.