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Actuary one of ten best UK jobs, says study

Being an actuary has been ranked the seventh best job in the UK by recruitment website Adzuna. High pay, low stress and strong levels of job security pushed it towards the top of the list of over 2,000 jobs examined.

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The study, which was conducted last month, puts an actuarial career six places lower than a similar US survey, published earlier this year,where it took the top spot.

Salaries for actuaries average £56,000 a year, Adzuna said. Its study used a methodology that takes into account 25 different criteria including earning potential, working conditions, competitiveness, unemployment rates and job security.

Taking the top three places in the table were translator, web developer and surgeon. All boasted a lack of competition, employer demand, rising wages and excellent working environments. Careers as a lawyer, vet, pilot, physiotherapist, architect and dentist rounded out the top ten.

At the bottom end of the table were miners, labourers, couriers and journalists, jobs afflicted by high pressure deadlines, low earnings and long hours.

Flora Lowther, head of research at Adzuna, said listing every available vacancy in the UK and studying the behaviour of millions of monthly job seekers, provided a unique insight into employee satisfaction levels and perceptions in the current job market.

She added: ‘Job seekers should be taking note of this research when thinking about their next career move.’