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PPF 7800 deficit increases

The combined deficit of the defined benefit schemes potentially eligible for entry to the Pension Protection Fund increased last month.

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Figures published by the PPF yesterday reveal that the PPF 7800 index deficit was estimated to have increased from £206.2bn at the end of March to £216.8bn at the end of April.

As a result, the funding ratio of the schemes decreased from 83.4% to 82.6% over the same period, with schemes’ total assets at £1031.4bn and total liabilities at £1248.2bn.

The data brings an end to a recent run of improved monthly reports from the PPF 7800 index, which had seen scheme deficits gradually decrease.

Yesterday’s figures also reveal an increase in the total number of schemes in deficit – up from 5,189 at the end of March to 5,228 at the end of April, with an accompanying fall in the number of schemes in surplus from 1,243 to 1,204.

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