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New Profession database simplifies completion of CPD records

The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries introduced a new membership database on 21 May, which implements improvements to the continuing professional development (CPD) section of the website.


These pages have been redesigned to make them more user-friendly, enabling members to distinguish more easily between internal and external CPD in their records.

The tick-box that was used in the past to reflect whether an activity was verifiable has been removed, as all CPD must be verifiable.

Private reading can be verified by recording the learning outcome derived from the activity. 

Category 2 members must ensure that their CPD records are compliant by 31 July each year for the reporting year ending 30 June.

During the 2010-2011 reporting year, CPD requirements changed significantly. As a result, a number of omissions showed up in members’ records, in particular, a failure to declare whether CPD events attended were internal or external, or verifiable or non-verifiable. In recognition of the extent of the changes, the CPD team carried out a monitoring exercise and, where necessary, corrected inaccurate reporting to bring records up to date.

Following the introduction of the new member database, no central monitoring or correction of CPD reporting will be possible. It will be the responsibility of each member to ensure that their record is correctly completed by 31 July. Personal reminders will be issued in July.  Further information about meeting the required number of CPD hours can be found at bit.ly/JEBEDd.

If you have any further questions, please contact [email protected].

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