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  • Sir-David-Spiegelhalter_I0A0548 Meet the performing statisticianSir David Spiegelhalter, eminent statistician and incoming president of the Royal Statistical Society, talks with Stephen Hyams about promoting a public understanding of risk and his aspirations for the statistical profession
  • Aubrey_de_Grey Lifelong learningLeading ageing expert Aubrey de Grey talks to Sheila Harney and Jessica Elkin on halting the ageing process and what it means for society
  • mike_brockman The rise of a maverickMike Brockman, actuary turned businessman, shares his views on telematics, autonomous cars, and the actuarial profession with Gemma Gregson
  • Lady Susan Rice Braving uncharted watersLady Susan Rice, a global leader in the banking industry, talks to Richard Purcell and Stephen Hyams about emerging risks, encouraging sustainability in business, and jumping into the unknown
  • Sahib Khosla Actuary of the future: Sahib Singh KhoslaActuary of the future: Sahib Singh Khosla
  • Ben Page Leading the pollsBen Page, chief executive of the UK's leading market research and polling firm, talks to Richard Purcell ahead of the Life Conference about predicting elections, going beyond big data, and observing human behaviour
  • Tom Ashmore Actuary of the future: Tom AshmoreActuary of the future: Tom Ashmore
  • Margaret Snowdon A woman of influence; Margaret Snowdon OBEMargaret Snowdon OBE, a prominent figure in the pensions world, talks to Yvonne Wan and Jeremy Lee about her many industry roles, her thoughts on the pensions landscape and the future for actuaries
  • Liberty Gordon-Brown AOTF: Liberty Gordon-BrownAOTF: Liberty Gordon-Brown
  • Adrian Waddingham Just say yesAdrian Waddingham CBE, co-founder of Barnett Waddingham, explains to Richard Purcell and Jessica Elkin how a positive approach has unlocked a career full of opportunities
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