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The Actuary The magazine of the Institute & Faculty of Actuaries


  • Sharad Bajla Q&A: Sharad Bajla (Singapore)
  • Carla Abrantes Q&A: Carla Abrantes - BrazilI am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but I also have a Portuguese background.
  • Valeria Huerta Q&A: Valeria Huerta Acosta - MexicoI was born and grew up in Juárez, Chihuahua, but I moved to Monterrey because it was the 'nearest' university in Mexico that offered the actuarial science programme.
  • Michael Beck Q&A: Michael Beck - USAI am a life actuary with five years' experience with KPMG UK and am currently seconded to the US practice and based in Chicago.
  • Mark-Hyde Q&A: Mark Hyde - ZimbabweMy outside interests consist of botany and music. I develop and contribute to an eflora of south-central Africa (zimbabweflora.co.zw/).
  • Carlos-Duran Q&A: Carlos Duran - ColombiaI am an industrial engineer from Colombia with two and a half years of actuarial experience in the reinsurance business.
  • Colin Wilson v2 Colin Wilson on the importance of progressColin Wilson, new president of the IFoA, talks to Richard Purcell and Stephen Hyams about his varied career, becoming president and the importance of thought leadership
  • Ben Kemp & Ann Muldum Rules of EngagementBen Kemp and Ann Muldoon discuss how the IFoA and the Financial Reporting Council work together to regulate and support actuaries. Chaired by Richard Purcell; written by Cintia Cheong
  • Sir-David-Spiegelhalter_I0A0548 Meet the performing statisticianSir David Spiegelhalter, eminent statistician and incoming president of the Royal Statistical Society, talks with Stephen Hyams about promoting a public understanding of risk and his aspirations for the statistical profession
  • Aubrey_de_Grey Lifelong learningLeading ageing expert Aubrey de Grey talks to Sheila Harney and Jessica Elkin on halting the ageing process and what it means for society
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