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The Actuary The magazine of the Institute & Faculty of Actuaries


  • Actuary of the future: Stephen HadjistyllisIn another life, Stephen Hadjistyllis would have been an airline pilot, but has landed on his feet in the actuarial world
  • Alex King Q&A Singapore: Alex KingAlex King has spent the past six months working as head of marketing at Pacific Life Re, Asia. Based in Singapore, he provides a unique insight into the working and cultural practices
  • Ilan Leas Q&A Australia: Ilan LeasIlan Leas has spent the past eight months working in the field of reinsurance at Swiss Re, based in Sydney, Australia. Prior to that he spent six years working in the UK, having moved from South Africa
  • Nisha Khiroya Q&A India: Nisha KhiroyaNisha Khiroya works as director, specialising in liability-driven investment, at F&C Investments. Here she recounts her past experience of moving to Mumbai and what she enjoyed so much about her overseas secondment
  • Jabir Sodhi An Indian summer for actuariesJagbir Sodhi highlights the rapid growth of the Indian economy, in particular the insurance sector, and explains why the country reveres the actuarial profession to almost celebrity status
  • Arti Sodha Q&A Portugal: Arti SodhaArti Sodha has been working as a pensions actuary at Towers Watson in Lisbon over the past seven months. Here she offers an insight into her daily life working in the Portuguese capital
  • Actuary of the future: Gareth EvisonAfter trying his hand at fishing, JLT's Gareth Evison traded in his tackle for a promising career as an actuary
  • Q&A: On my agenda - Julian AdamsDan Georgescu talks to the FSA's director of insurance about regulation under the Bank of England, Solvency II and what makes a great actuary
  • Actuary of the future: Christopher AppsChristopher Apps of Guy Carpenter can adapt to any situation. It could be something to do with his liking for lycra
  • Q&A: On my agenda: Andrew DilnotDeepak Jobanputra and Sarah Bennett talk to Andrew Dilnot, chair of the Dilnot Commission, about the UK social care system, statistics, celebrating increased longevity and why he is not particularly wedded to the Dilnot Commission proposals
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