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The Actuary The magazine of the Institute & Faculty of Actuaries


  • Vathani Waran Actuary of the future DecemberVathani Waran of JLT Investment Consulting
  • John Coomber Q & A - John Coomber: A life less ordinaryJeremy Lee and Sarah Bennett talk to John Coomber about his career and time as CEO at Swiss Re, his philosophy on leadership and how he thinks actuaries can apply their skills to wider areas of public interest
  • David Smith Actuary of the future NovemberDavid Smith of Lane Clark & Peacock
  • John McReynolds Actuary of the futureJohn McReynolds of KPMG Pensions
  • Professor David Blake On my agenda: David BlakeJohn Kingdom talks to the professor of pension economics at Cass Business School about the state of longevity research
  • Joanne Segars, Photo: Peter Searle On my agenda: Joanne SegarsWith auto-enrolment arriving soon and plans for a simplified state pension, it's a busy time for the National Association of Pension Funds, but its chief executive is upbeat about opportunities and challenges, finds Nick Mann
  • Adrian Stamp Actuary of the future: Adrian StampWhen Adrian Stamp isn't hacking away at Excel spreadsheets, he enjoys training on the track and a few tequilas.
  • Jane Hamilton Actuary of the future: Jane HamiltonThis month's actuary of the future Jane Hamilton has come a long way from being a lifeguard in Disneyland Florida, but still looks back on her time in America as one of the greatest experiences of her life.
  • David Belsham On my agenda: David BelshamJemima Ayton and Dan Georgescu talk to Prudential UK's chief actuary about his role and his belief in actuaries developing strong communication skills to broaden their careers
  • Chart 1: Long-term termination rates, actual compared to expected, selected products Disability Income: Are we sitting on a time-bomb?Andy Rear considers lessons learned from the Australian Disability Income Insurance market and warns against complacency in the UK IP market
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