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  • AOTF April 2015 - David Actuary of the future - AprilDavid McKniff of Deloitte investment services
  • Otto Thoresen A bold enterpriseOtto Thoresen, newly appointed chairman of the National Employment Savings Trust, talks to Richard Schneider and Helen Lau about the many challenges facing the pensions industry
  • AOTF March 2015 - Poovan Actuary of the future - MarchPoovan Kumar Balaeswaran of EY life actuarial
  • Oliver Bettis Green Shoots with Oliver BettisOliver Bettis, chairman of the Resource and Environment Board, talks to Helen Lau about the achievements it has made since its inception 15 months ago, reveals the board's exciting plans for the future and explains how actuaries can get involved
  • Jess Scott - AOTF Feb 2015 Actuary of the future - FebruaryJessica Stott of HamishWilson
  • Andrew Duguid Interview: Andrew DuguidAndrew Duguid talks to Gemma Gregson and Helen Lau about the near collapse of Lloyd's, putting actuaries on the map and the importance of change and innovation
  • AOTF NOVEMBER Actuary of the future - NovemberThomas Smith of AIG General insurance, reserving.
  • Trevor-Llanwarne Interview: Trevor LlanwarneTrevor Llanwarne was, until recently, the Government Actuary in the UK. Following his six-year tenure, he spoke to Peter Tompkins as he reflected on this latest phase of his extensive career
  • AOTF OCTOBER Actuary of the future - OctoberCraig Moran of First Actuarial Pensions
  • Steve Groves Sweeping changeIn light of the major pension reforms introduced in this year's Budget, Steve Groves, an actuary and chief executive officer at Partnership, speaks to Jonathan Lim about the impact on the UK annuity market and future trends
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