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Launch of the Actuarial Society of Tanzania

By Mr Sandeep Chavda, secretary general, Actuarial Society of Tanzania

The idea of forming the society was conceived back in 2003 but, due to society registration requirements from the Ministry of Home Affairs, the registration could not go ahead as planned. However, with time, things have changed and the Actuarial Society of Tanzania (AST) was formally registered in January 2008 followed by the official launch of the society on 3 December 2008 at Movenpick Royal Palm Hotel, Dares- Salaam, Tanzania.

The key objectives of the society are to unite members of the profession, promote the advancement and best interests of the actuarial profession in Tanzania, play an active role in the teaching of actuarial science, consider the actuarial aspects of legislation, existing and proposed, and take action as considered desirable.

The council of AST is comprised of the president of the society Mr Ibrahim Maftah, vice-president Ms Faith Mpatwa, secretary general Mr Sandeep Chavda and treasurer Mr Michael Mhando. There are around 30 individuals in Tanzania who are currently pursuing actuarial science or have already undergone some form of actuarial training, but none have qualified yet. The society is still in the process of finding an accurate number of such individuals through various media such as launching itself on the popular social networking site, Facebook, through the group, ‘Actuarial Society of Tanzania’.

Kindly contact Mr Sandeep Chavda at [email protected] if you are a Tanzanian citizen (not necessarily residing in Tanzania) and currently studying or pursuing a career in actuarial science.