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Work permits

GAAPS has just been made aware that actuaries will be removed from the shortage profession list in the UK. From 18 December, all applications for work permits for actuaries will need evidence that appropriate advertising has been carried out.

This means that it will be a lot more difficult for qualified actuaries to be able to work in the UK. The government says that this change is the result of discussions with ‘industry stakeholders’. It would be interesting to know which/how many industry stakeholders or actuarial employers were consulted.

GAAPS is now considering ways to appeal this change, and is hoping for some reconsideration. It would be very helpful if employers who are experiencing shortages would write to us at GAAPS (email gdkaye@gaaps.com) expressing this as additional evidence.

There have also been changes to the point system of the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme which have almost been introduced overnight (as at the time of writing) with minimal warning or consultation; and the scheme has now been suspended until 5 December.