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Where are you reading this?

A recent survey conducted by the Office for National Statistics has highlighted that home-working is a growing trend, with 3.1m people working from home in the UK in spring 2005, compared to just 2.3m in spring 1997.

The increasing cost of office premises and difficulties in recruiting and retaining staff, especially those with families, have been highlighted as major influences in companies’ decisions to let some, or all, staff work from home on an occasional and sometimes even full-time basis.

Another possible reason for working at home in Scotland is that on 26 March 2006 the law on smoking will change, with smoking no longer allowed in the majority of enclosed public places, including workplaces. The law has been introduced to protect people from the harmful effects of passive smoking and has implications for employers and employees in workplaces, clubs, pubs, restaurants, hospitals, and schools across Scotland, including vehicles. Substantially similar legislation for England and Wales is in train.

And finally another possible explanation suggested itself when we saw on 7 November that the TUC is calling on the government to change the law to stop millions more workers falling victim to the office bullies!