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Welcome to a new look for TheActuary.com

If you've visited TheActuary.com before, you may have noticed that things have changed.

We've taken on board our readers' comments, added some changes of our own and spent many months working to develop a new website to bring you the latest actuarial news, views, analysis and jobs in the best possible format.

We've made it easier to navigate, easier to comment and share, and easier to get the most out of the site's decade-worth of content.

So keep up to date with the latest news, opinion and features, register for our weekly and monthly alerts, add your comments on current topics and share them with your peers.

The ambitious among you will also find a range of tools to help you find your next actuarial role. Search a wealth of careers-related content, post a question in the career clinic, upload your CV and browse over 700 jobs.

TheActuary.com remains free to view - but please note that you will now be asked to register to view selected archived content. We've kept the registration requirements to minimum, so it should only take a minute.  

And if this is your first time visiting TheActuary.com, then welcome. We hope you like what you see. We're keen to hear your views so please post a comment below.

Marjorie Ngwenya