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Volunteering for the Actuarial Profession

Traditionally, it has involved serving on a committee or working party, speaking at a conference or writing a sessional research paper. These opportunities still exist — as the profession has evolved and has developed a strategy to meet new challenges, so the volunteer role has changed. Below we set out some new ways in which you can become involved and contribute to the profession’s 
on-going development and success.

Volunteer vacancies web page
With volunteer opportunities constantly increasing and becoming ever more varied, the Profession are keen to help you find the role which best suits your interests, skills and experience. To this end, a web page has been created that, going forward, will publish details of all volunteer vacancies, including a description of each role, the skills/attributes required, an indication of the time commitment involved, details of the output required, and any deadlines you will be expected 
to meet.

It will also include a contact name, so that you can discuss the requirements of the role before making a commitment. It is hoped that this will serve a dual purpose in helping potential volunteers to find a role with which they are comfortable and able to deliver, 
and for us, as a profession, to recruit the best members for the roles available. 
The volunteer vacancies web page is at www.actuaries.org.uk/members/pages/volunteer-vacancies. If there is nothing there at present which interests you, please revisit the page from time to time to find a role that is suitable for you.

The 400 Club
This is an entirely new volunteer opportunity and one designed to initiate a step change in monitoring member support. Become an inaugural member of The 400 Club, earn yourself one hour’s worth of CPD a year, and fulfil your volunteer duties entirely from the comfort of your own desk. The 400 Club is being established as a group of 400 members who together will represent the views of the entire membership.

The commitment to The 400 Club will not be onerous — in return for one hour’s worth of CPD, only a response to a small questionnaire every couple of months is required. But while the time commitment will be light, with each questionnaire taking no more than five minutes to complete, your views will significantly affect the shape of member support for the membership body as a whole.

To ensure that The 400 Club is an accurate representation of our members in terms of age, practice area, geographic location and so on, membership will be by invitation only — and the Profession urges any member invited to join the Club to take up this valuable opportunity to shape member services for both existing members, and future generations of actuaries.

While membership by invitation is essential to ensure that a representative group is achieved, anyone who is particularly keen to get involved is asked to contact Alison Jiggins at 

Call to action — and thank you!
If you are not already a volunteer, it is hoped some of the above initiatives 
will interest you and inspire you to get more involved with your profession. Feedback from existing volunteers consistently proves that our volunteer members get considerable personal satisfaction from the work they undertake for us, and that they are proud to serve their profession in this way.

Opportunities are now so many and varied that new volunteers should be able to find a role that will give them similar fulfilment.

Staff members of the profession met many of our existing volunteers at the garden parties over the summer, but for those volunteers who were unable to attend, we are greatly appreciative of the work you have done and continue to do for the profession and we would like to thank you most sincerely for that.