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The Actuary The magazine of the Institute & Faculty of Actuaries

Unsung heroes

Quietly in the background, a host of people beaver away to ensure that your magazine covers the huge range of subjects and interests of its readers. Most of you are aware who the editor is — she writes an editorial in the front (as well as being in charge of everything else) — but behind the scenes, two stalwarts have for many years ensured that company and industry news, and the occasional bit of interesting gossip, have entertained readers.

Laurence Kleerekoper has kept track of a lot of changes in the industry in compiling company news for over a decade. A glance back over the past few years shows just how much has changed. Some of the names from the past no longer exist but, of course, new blood is always emerging and actuaries seem in demand as never before.

Seamus Creedon has faithfully provided industry news, particularly interesting for those from other areas within the profession to find out what is happening more widely, as well as education topics and people news.

Both will be missed by the editorial team as they hand over to Louisa Lobo and Amy Guna and I share their appreciation for all the efforts Laurence and Seamus put in.

Peter Tompkins