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Understanding Technical Actuarial Standards (TASs)

The Profession is currently looking at ways in which it can support members in their understanding and application of the Technical Actuarial Standards (TASs) produced by the Board for Actuarial Standards (BAS). A number of events have already been held and a series of events in the coming months on implications of the TASs for insurance actuaries, including some being held in conjunction with regional societies, are planned for April and May. Further details are available via the events calendar on the Profession’s website www.actuaries.org.uk/events

The Profession are keen to understand what further support members would welcome in relation to understanding and applying the TASs and is particularly keen to hear from those members who are sole practitioners or who work in firms where there are few actuaries. Please send any suggestions to maria.singleton@actuaries.org.uk

Some members may be aware that a TAS implementation working group of the Association of Consulting Actuaries (ACA) has produced some material on ‘reserved work and its application to pensions actuarial advice’ and ‘applying TAS principles’. These documents, as well as the terms of reference for the ACA’s working group that developed the material, are available via www.aca.org.uk/aca-briefing_papers.html.

Members may find the material of use when considering applicability of, and compliance with, the TASs, although no endorsement of the material by the Profession should be inferred.