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The Actuarial Profession launches new website for CERA qualification

CERA is the new global chartered enterprise risk actuary qualification, and the new website will provide news and information about the qualification and the benefits it can offer to actuaries and their employers.

Aimed at those who already hold the qualification, actuaries and students with an interest in the qualification as well as employers and actuarial associations who are not currently part of the CERA treaty, the website will be a key tool in promoting the work of CERA actuaries.

For actuaries and students interested in the CERA qualification, the website includes information about qualification routes, with details about the syllabus and links to actuarial associations that offer the CERA qualification or are expected to do so in the future.

The website also features information aimed at employers and consultants that promotes the skills and knowledge of CERA actuaries and has an interactive map to allow people to locate participating CERA associations. An additional ‘meet a CERA’ section allows people to view profiles of individual CERA actuaries, their backgrounds and the work that they specialise in.

Dr Trevor Watkins, head of learning at the Actuarial Profession, said: “The launch of the CERA website is a major step forward in the exciting international development of a new, high-quality, risk qualification for actuaries. It is a qualification that will enable actuaries to be equipped to deal effectively with organisation-wide risk issues on an international basis.”

The CERA concept was first developed in the US by the Society of Actuaries, which joined with a group of actuarial associations from leading countries to create the CERA Treaty Board in November 2009.

The actuarial associations currently involved include:
>> Institute of Actuaries of Australia
>> Canadian Institute of Actuaries
>> Institute of Actuaries of France
>> German Actuarial Society
>> Israel Association of Actuaries
>> Institute of Actuaries of Japan
>> Mexican Association of Actuaries
>> Actuarial Society of the Netherlands
>> Actuarial Society of South Africa
>> Swedish Society of Actuaries
>> Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, UK
>> Casualty Actuary Society, US
>> Society of Actuaries, US.

The website can be found at www.ceraglobal.org