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Survey and vote on proposed merger launched

The Faculty and the Institute Councils have respectively launched a consultation survey and an in-principle vote on the proposed merger between the Faculty and the Institute. The Councils want to ensure that the outcome of the Faculty survey and the Institute vote gives a clear indication from the members of both bodies to help the Councils decide what action to take on the future working relationship between the Faculty and the Institute.

It is important that as many members as possible take part in this process — every response to the survey and the vote will count towards shaping this future working relationship.

The survey and the vote are being managed independently by Electoral Reform Services (ERS). All fellows, honorary fellows, associates and students of the Faculty and the Institute have been sent by e-mail or post an individual invitation to take part in the survey or the vote.

People in these membership categories are being asked to indicate their preference on three options for the survey or vote on one option, either by using the dedicated ERS websites or by completing and returning the printed survey or voting form.

Reminders about taking part in the survey and the vote will be sent to all eligible members by ERS and the Profession. If you have not received or have mislaid your invitation, please contact merger@actuaries.org.uk so arrangements can be made to provide a replacement, if necessary.

The deadline for responding to the survey and the vote is 5pm on Friday 8 August 2008. After this date, ERS will collate and analyse the responses, and present the results for consideration by the Councils, separately and jointly, during August. A communication confirming the outcome will be sent, by e-mail and post from the Profession, to all members by the end of August.

For more information about the proposed merger, please visit: