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Student: All I want for Christmas…

Looking the part is more than wearing a suit to the office. It’s the details that will mark you out as an actuary. Leave this lying around the house and who knows what you’ll find in your stocking!

Finally, I hope you all have a good festive season whatever you’re celebrating and good luck with the exam results!

Along Came PollyLawyers had The Firm, bankers had Wall Street and even weathermen had Groundhog Day. Actuaries made very little headway in films but then Along Came Polly. It’s not perfect, but we’ll take it. 

Get it at www.hmv.com or even a charity shop

CalculatorYo, Dawg! I heard you like doing calculations, so we took a calculator and covered it in plastic jewels so that you can look fly while you’re calculating annuities. 

Buy now at West Coast Customs

The Influential ActuaryNew Year’s resolutions and self-help books go together like a lime and a coconut. 
What more could a loved one want this Christmas than for you to be The Influential Actuary?

Lucky teddy bearEver felt that you need help with the exams? This lucky teddy bear should give you the edge you need over all the other people in your sitting. Teddy Bear Factory

T-shirtThere is nothing better than a funny T-shirt to convince people you are the life and soul of the party. 
Whether you do it with frequency and severity or within an acceptable margin of error, you’ll want people to know about it!

Available at www.zazzle.co.uk

TieA silk tie for only £4! Plus you get to show off your affiliation to the Institute and Faculty.
Go to www.actuaries.org.uk/research-and-resources/eshop 
(price correct at time 
of writing).

Spread sheet mugYou have probably got this already, but if you’re one of those who is always getting a new plastic cup every time you get a coffee at work — stop! Get a mug that 
expresses how you really feel. 


AppIf you’re mad about smartphone apps, why not get Apptuary. One of our very own Fellows has developed this to help with many of the calculations you’ll do in the exams.
Purchase on 

The Game of LifeThe Game of Pensions is still in development, so in the mean time you’ll have to make do with the reliable riot — The Game of Life!
Visit Hamleys and all good toy stores