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SIAS game for a laugh

On Thursday 29 October, SIAS hosted a games night at the City Pride in Farringdon. With exams over, it was now time for actuaries to enjoy themselves. This time around, it was decided to send actuarial minds into new territory, a world of virtual realism and pure and innocent entertainment: the realm of games.

SIAS made sure there was something for everyone, and the highlight of the event was a tennis tournament held on a Nintendo Wii console that makes you feel like you’re a part of the real thing. The night began with a welcoming free drink and a courtesy raffle ticket. To encourage mingling, attendees were paired with a partner they did not know well for the Wii tournament. Very soon, the first round of the tournament was over, with competitive yet friendly smiles all around. The refreshments were then served.

With bellies full, the actuaries were eager to get back to the tournament. Those who were unfortunate to have lost in the first round moved on to other group games such as ‘Articulate’, ‘Kerplunk’, ‘Guess Who’, chess, poker and a range of others. With laughter and joviality filling the air, the tennis players were hotting up with raw competitiveness and complete concentration showing on their faces. Those players unable to reach the final looked utterly dejected; Hewitt’s Iain Ritchie springs to mind as one of those who seemed most disappointed.

At the end of the night, Alvin Kissoon (PwC) and Greg Barton (Hewitt) walked away with £45 of HMV vouchers, with the runner-up team taking home £20 vouchers. The night ended with a raffle to win all the games on show, there being 11 amazing games to take home.

All in all, it was a good event, and I hope those who attended enjoyed it too. I’d like to say a big thank you to Alvin Kissoon for helping with the organisation of this fun-filled night and to thank all the attendees for making it the great event that it was. I hope to see you at future events.